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Book Description

Odoo continues to gain worldwide momentum as the best platform for open source ERP installations. Now, with Odoo 11, you have access to an improved GUI, performance optimization, integrated in-app purchase features, and a fast-growing community to help transform and modernize your business. With this practical guide, you will cover all the new features that Odoo 11 has to offer to build and customize business applications, focusing on the publicly available community edition.

We begin with setting up a development environment, and as you make your way through the chapters, you will learn to build feature-rich business applications. With the aim of jump-starting your Odoo proficiency level, from no specific knowledge to application development readiness, you will develop your first Odoo application. We then move on to topics such as models and views, and understand how to use server APIs to add business logic, helping to lay a solid foundation for advanced topics.

The book concludes with Odoo interactions and how to use the Odoo API from other programs, all of which will enable you to efficiently integrate applications with other external systems.

What you will learn

  • Install Odoo from source

  • Manage Odoo server instances

  • Create a new Odoo application from scratch covering the most frequently used elements

  • Develop new models and use inheritance to extend/modify existing models

  • Use ORM methods, both in the Odoo server and from external clients

  • Create Kanban views using QWeb effectively

  • Develop custom web and website CMS pages

  • Use external API to integrate Odoo with external applications

Who This Book Is For

Odoo 11 Development Essentials caters to developers who are familiar with Python and MVC design and now want to build effective business applications using Odoo.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick introduction to the Odoo Developer Mode and concepts

  2. Installing and organizing the development environment

  3. Your first Odoo application - a practical overview

  4. Models - structuring the application data

  5. Access Control and Data Files

  6. The ORM API - Handling application data

  7. Application Logic - Supporting Business Processes

  8. External API - Integrating with other systems

  9. Backend views

  10. Kanban views and client side QWeb-

  11. Reports and server side Qweb

  12. Creating Website front end features

  13. Tests and debugging

  14. Deploying and maintaining production instances


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